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Wine Routes in the world will awaken your senses, especially the taste. There are many factors that influence a region creates the ideal for a quality wine fruit.


These sites are part of the different wine routes, wine tourism which combines walks wineries and vineyards in a mountain landscape, healthy climate. Join in the wine routes …

On all continents there are regions that specialize in fine and delicate task of making wine. But even if you put a lot of effort, where wine is born and wants are not many places where wine harvest allows five star. Regardless of the continent, always you find destinations where wine is king.


In these places crops graceful hide under a panorama of fertile valleys and temperate climates. You can find everything from huge warehouses with hundreds of hectares of vineyards to small family farms who grow their grapes by hand and develop the «patero» wine.


The wines are divided into two large geographic families:

the New World-America-Pacific and

the Old World-Europe and Africa.



Major European wine producers are Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Greece. It stands Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina and the United States in Oceania and the Americas.


European wines are recognized by their «terroir»: their land of origin. Consumers choose between a harvested in a given region of Italy or other wine most popular in France. This is because the determining factor in the quality of European wine lies in the soil. In the New World wines they are renowned for their variety: how grape strain was made. Therefore it is said that European wine-drinking places, while in America and Oceania are drunk wine-grape varieties.


As imagine, there are always more wine trails you can enjoy: visiting vineyards, building the beautiful landscapes of wine regions and know the production processes of each wine, you will also learn something more about the history of each site you visit and the economic and cultural development of its people. And as if that were not enough, there is always opportunity to provide for all that, it’s just a matter of deciding and choosing your preferred route toward the town.


It is with a guide, by bus, walking or cycling, you will always be welcome in the areas of vineyards to taste a bit of the essence of their wines and know the essence of its people. Here, by region, we offer the best of the wine routes:



In Europe?


Home to some of the most popular varieties in the world, France offers high quality wines, but also dreamy landscapes and care first. With hotels and guides for all tastes, the cellars of the Champagne region are home to the classic sparkling wine with the same name.


In Reims enjoys a romantic air by the Gothic and Renaissance buildings that make this city one of the most beautiful in France. In this area the village of Hautvillers, home of the best flavors of the wine is Dom Perignon.


If you follow the road from Strasbourg Alsace-in-Germany France-until you’re in the footprint of one of the most famous and delicious tours of the wine routes. Throughout the route you will come across small villages and towns lost in time they offer in their small winstubs -viner?as intimate atmosphere and attention c?lida- the best wines from each area you visit.


A little further south, in Spain, are the must roads of Castilla-La Mancha full of opportunities to taste the best Iberian red. Between old villages and vineyards including his own castle in Villarrobledo, this territory is the most vine crops has worldwide. Its end but dry weather permitting spend pleasant days either in the city or in a village or nearby winery, since it has a good tourist infrastructure and winemaking.


But the wine route in Europe is not complete without visiting Portugal, birthplace of Oporto. Porto name was taken from the city of Oporto, one of the most beautiful in the country. Taking the route of the Alto Douro fascinate you with the landscapes of valleys and mountains have their vine crops for centuries. The local producers often mix the tastings of the grapes, as this achieves a complexity of colors and flavors unrepeatable. Savoring some local wine while you entertain with the passage of the Duero River pleasure of tasting is assured.




In America?.


Argentina and Chile all applause as wines are concerned to take. With a rich tradition in wine in the Andean region, and landscapes that frame clearly the beauty of the mountains and the natural environment, the mountainous area offers varieties for everyone.


In the province of Mendoza you will find the best of wine production in South America. With terraces arranged high which can obtain grapes of many different types and flavors. In Mendoza you can make tours of the best wineries in the area, while adding to tastings typical roast (barbecue) with red malbec, foremost the variety of the area. The region has several museums Wine and infrastructure designed to the last detail for those fans of good living.


Across the range, in the Colchagua Valley you’ll find one of the best farmland of vines for red wines from around the world. The varieties cabernet sauvignon, syrah and merlot are the highest quality. In addition to tours of the vineyards, several thematic museums and tours of natural and ecological spaces that will provide a more intense contact with the land from which these wines come.


Finally, in California, USA, is a region with vineyards and perfectly detailed routes designed for the bon vivants to taste wines and gastronomic delicacies piaccere. We are talking of Napa Valley, where an interesting mix of museums, restaurants peak occurs with wine boutiques created by famous actors and Hollywood stars. If you visit the area, hire a guide; he will be telling you about the history of each winery and the evolution of each of the wine-while savoring for constatar- can spend wonderful days.




Oceania …Vinos en australia y nueva zelandia


In New Zealand and Australia also you can find good and new wines. Categories and free tastings of Europe; Oceania winemakers devoted to own taste experience and results through the years were much better; while even the white wines of New Zealand are overshadowing varietal whites of France.


Among the regions of Gisborne and Hawkes Bay the best of New Zealand wine is summarized, while in Australia you can not escape the charm of Syrah red, or there tell «Shiraz». The Barossa Valley is the benchmark, with small and large wineries wine houses some of the oldest vines in the world and are still producing their virtuous fruit.

In short, every time a bottle of wine is opened, it is an amazing trip to some beautiful place.

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