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Conoce como hacer el Camino de Santiago

EL CAMINO DE SANTIAGO? We tell the most famous pilgrimage trail to see if you dare …. The name «PILGRIMS» SURGE IN COMPOSTELA WHY DO THE JOURNEY «PER AGRUM», THAT IS BY THE FIELD The Apostle James is one of the twelve faithful followers of Jesus. According to tradition it is identified with the evangelizer …

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Wine Routes in the World

WINE ROUTES IN THE WORLD?   Wine Routes in the world will awaken your senses, especially the taste. There are many factors that influence a region creates the ideal for a quality wine fruit.   These sites are part of the different wine routes, wine tourism which combines walks wineries and vineyards in a mountain …

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Babies should not be an obstacle in travel

Babies are not and should not be inconvenient to take a trip to any place. Babies are perfectly suited to any situation, since they are properly cared for and looked after. If you like exotic destinations, you can also take your baby, but yes, you should take some precautions to ensure the health and comfort of small and hygiene.

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