Babies should not be an obstacle in travel

Babies are not and should not be inconvenient to take a trip to any place. Babies are perfectly suited to any situation, since they are properly cared for and looked after. If you like exotic destinations, you can also take your baby, but yes, you should take some precautions to ensure the health and comfort of small and hygiene.


If you intend to make a long journey and an exotic country with your baby, it is best that you first pediatrician reports on basic care to keep in terms of health, possible vaccines, etc. A baby is kept at a suitable, well hydrated and fed temperature, having secured his moment of rest in any trip, need not be a problem.


We have traveled with our daughter, crossed the ocean by plane with her, since she was 4 months old, and has not happened anything wrong. Air travel is not a danger to infants. No need to fear long flights, pressure during takeoff and landing, nor the turmoil. On a long flight of 10 hours, the baby may make some discomfort, but nothing like the love and care of parents to keep tranquilo.Aseg?rate to carry everything you need in the little travel, ie, diapers, milk, food and water, change clothes, a toy and a small first aid kit, just in case. There are many advantages of traveling with babies plane. Usually the flight attendants give special treatment to families with babies when boarding (are the first), a differentiated attention when you have to feed your baby, and are aware of what you need. My daughter also got a small cot and a pacifier I was advised at the time of takeoff and landing. Also, if your baby is less than 2 years of age, you will free ticket.


If your baby is healthy does not have to be an obstacle in family travel, whether by plane, train, car or bus. Neither the jetlag can alter you. Babies are perfectly suited to any change, even to time differences. Also, if your parents are calm, that will be transmitted to small.

Vilma Medina. Director

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